Keeping the Elderly Engaged and Happy with Senior Home Care in Southern California

A lot of seniors become unhappy as they see their bodies continue to deteriorate. Why? There are a lot of reasons; however, the most common reason is that they are no longer able to do most of the things they used to do when they were younger. Another reason could be that they are often left with no one to talk to since their children now have families of their own. As we grow up and become adults, we often tend to begin neglecting our parents. This starts simply by not being able to attend family dinners whenever they ask us to come over, which then progresses to us not being able to visit them during the holidays and ends up with us not even being able to talk to them properly on the phone. What’s the reason? Busy, we are always busy. So what can we do to remedy this? The best solution would be to opt for senior home care in Southern California.

At first, many people think that it’s the same as sending seniors to a home and no one wants that! But then we encourage them to read more about what senior home care is about and it helps them realize that it actually means hiring caregivers to take care of patients in the comfort of their homes. They don’t just take care of a patient’s medical needs, they can also provide companionship and build rapport with their patients to ensure that they are comfortable with them. They can assist them with simple home-making duties and also with daily living needs. However, they might be concerned about one more thing: “how will senior home care in Southern California keep elderly patients active and happy?” Sure they offer a lot of help with their day to day needs, but those things don’t necessarily make their patients happy. It just makes things more comfortable for them.

Well, here’s how:

  • Caregivers can encourage their patients to listen to audiobooks as well as a selection of their favorite music to keep them in a good mood.
  • Caregivers can also take them to exercise groups for the elderly which will allow their patients to meet other people as well as stay active. This will also give them a sense of purpose. However, this is only applicable to patients who are still strong enough to do so.
  • Travel - why not? For seniors who love traveling, it’s very frustrating not being able to go to places they loved to visit and frequent when they were younger and full of vitality. So, to remedy this, their caregivers can help them take them there.

There are a lot more things that caregivers can do to keep seniors happy, but no one can make them happier than their family. Family members should also schedule regular visits with them to keep themselves updated on the wellbeing of their aging loved ones. This will also give them a chance to see if the caregivers are doing a good job. So, if you want your aging loved ones to remain active, happy and well taken care of but you don’t have enough time to tend to their needs, hire senior home care in Southern California. To get the best caregiver, hire one from A Better Choice Senior Care now! You can call us at (818) 268-2734 or send us an email at Let seniors know that you love them by getting the best senior home care service there is!