How to Talk to Your Parent about Home Care

Talking with your parent or a loved one about needing home care in Encino, CA can be a difficult conversation. Most times, kids know when their parents need senior care services, however parents do not always feel the same way. This is because for them it may represent their loss of independence or a realization of their health declining. During this conversation, emotions can be high, especially if your loved one insists that they are fine and need no help whatsoever.

Before this conversation happens, it is important to plan what you want to say. By approaching your conversation with a great deal of patience, you will be able to succeed. Speak with your family members, a friend, a therapist, or even a care manager beforehand for some advice. This way you can present a more tempered point of view. Below we have provided a few tips on how to approach this conversation:

  • Talk about the Advantages: When you are talking about having home care in Encino, CA, your loved one may be defensive. In this case, it is best to be firm about your loved one’s limitations and discuss the many benefits that home care can provide for them. Speak about the difference of in-home care and assisted living. Most seniors would much rather live at home rather than move into an assisted living facility. In addition, they have more freedom and you only get to pay for the assistance of a few hours per week. Come up with examples such as preparing their meals, doing the laundry, or even cleaning the house. By having someone come in, they no longer have to worry because a home caregiver will be able to cook their meals, do laundry, and clean.
  • Tell Them How It Has Helped Others: Your parent may not think they need a home caregiver and it could be a challenge to convince them that it is worth the money. While they may be resistant, try and flip the argument around by telling them how it has helped others. You may come up with positive feedback from other seniors who have had home care or even talk about an unfortunate situation of someone you know who dealt with a crisis and did not have the same opportunity of receiving additional help.
  • Share Your Story: Do not be shy to use your personal stories that can paint a bigger picture for your loved one. Letting them know that you do not feel comfortable leaving them alone while you are busy with work or taking care of the kids. For this reason, it would be nice to have someone around to help them. By talking about your situation on how you have prepared or gotten help for certain household tasks, your senior may be more open to the idea.
  • Bring In a Third Party: Think about your approach in advance. Should there be anyone there to help with your conversation? Is there someone in the family whom your parent listens to the most? Should you bring in a professional who can provide expert advice or feedback regarding your loved ones situation? If a third party can make a difference in convincing your loved one to receive assistance, then it is best to go all out.
  • Ask About Their Preference: As long as your loved one has the mental capacity, ultimately it is their decision of whether they want to have a caregiver or not. Ask how they envision spending their golden years and discuss about options in order to respect their wishes.

The bottom line is that talking to your parents about home care can be difficult, however it is an important conversation to have. Using these tips to overcome the resistance can increase the chances that your loved one will accept the idea. At ABetter Choice Senior Care, we provide reliable home care in Encino, CA. We have a wide range of non-medical caregiver services that provide personalized assistance to your loved one for a better quality of life. Call us today at (818) 268-2734.