Heat Stress No More with ABC Senior Care in Southern CA

We at ABC Senior Care make sure to always deliver nothing less than the best services for home care in Southern CA. We only hire highly-experienced caregiving professionals, and we guarantee that they undergo a detailed screening process as well as comprehensive training programs to be sure that they know what they are doing when they are on the job. After all, it’s no small task to care for your loved ones especially during their most vulnerable states. We have a three-point guarantee for your security and peace of mind: (1) we guarantee that you are satisfied with our services, or you get your money back, (2) we guarantee that we offer the most affordable prices, and (3) you are guaranteed 150 USD worth of FREE service. Do you want great-quality, trustworthy and reliable caregiving services in the Southern CA area? Contact us now at (818) 268-2734, or visit our website at www.abcseniorcare.net.

The Golden State is known for its heat. Just recently, the state of California experienced the massive brunt of an ungodly heat wave that propelled its temperatures to the near-triple digits. The effects of this range from major inconveniences to life-threatening situations, especially for older people and people with disabilities. It can already be a problem for them to do normal things on a daily basis on their own such as walking up and down the stairs or getting in the bathtub; but once these things are coupled with intense heat, things get more uncomfortable, trickier and not to mention, much more dangerous.

We know how much the possibility of these kinds of accidents scare us. That’s why we, at ABC Senior Care offer services in home care and caregivers in Southern CA. Here are a few things you can expect from our caregivers to help fight the heat:

  • Assistance with daily living and homemaker services. No more having a hard time moving around the house and trying to do things in the heat. Our caregivers are there to assist you and/or your loved ones. They can help your loved ones pick out cool, comfortable clothes, make sure the air conditioning is working and in good quality, cover the windows to avoid direct sunlight to spill in the room, cook light meals, and serve cool beverages.
  • Heat-related problem diagnosis. Cognitively-impaired people may have difficulty showing or saying that they are experiencing excessive heat stress or maybe even heat stroke. Our caregivers are highly experienced and trained in basic diagnosis when it comes to conditions like heat stress, heat fatigue, heat syncope, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and the like.

You can rest assured that caregivers from ABC Senior Care are highly-trained, experienced and reliable professionals who put the health and wellbeing of you or your loved ones first and foremost in their list of priorities. When it comes to caregiving services, you won’t find anyone better than our very own professionals.

Are you worried about the heat getting to you or your family? Don’t let it. Hire our services with a quality assurance thanks to our 3-point guarantee system. Contact ABC Senior Care through calling (818) 268-2734, e-mailing adavac@yahoo.com, or visit our website at www.abcseniorcare.net to learn more about the best services in home care and caregiving in Southern CA.