Caregiver Experience: The Basics

Caregiver Experience: The Basics

The terms “home care” has become fundamental in today’s society, Go to any home care in Los Angeles, CA and you’ll see the practice being similar to that of home care in Seoul, Korea. Throughout the years, we humans have learned the culture of caring for one another. We see the younger generation taking care of their parents or grandparents and sometimes we see older generations availing of the services of professional nursing aids and caregivers.

Though it may be true that it’s not always the case, we do have to admit that our bodies slowly reject the activities we used to do as children. Taking an early morning run can now become more of a burden than an enjoyment for the elderly. Taking a bath can be, at times, daunting for some, even simply going down the stairs can be a bit of a challenge than before. It is in these times that we need the aid of someone else other than ourselves. It would be better to secure your health and safety with the aid of a person other than ourselves. For those who do not have the privilege of being with their loved ones every time, home care might just be one solution for you.

But what if you are unsure of what the experience of caregiving exactly is? Here are some insights to make you understand what caregiving is all about for you.

  • Person-centered: If you were to avail of the services that a home care can serve, you are guaranteed that the services being provided are centered on you. A highly trained caregiver is committed to providing you what you need to help you accomplish goals and daily tasks. They understand the unique needs of every elderly individual. These needs are taken seriously and do their best to meet those needs.
  • Preservation of dignity: Dignity is important for each individual and is especially true for elderly people. Whenever we talk about a person’s dignity, it is the person’s ability to feel as a human person. It is the role of a caregiver to provide each elderly client with this right. They are tasked to aid you in even the most basic of tasks like walking or taking a bath. Sometimes, it destroys their dignity if the help provided takes away the sense of self-accomplishment from the individual. That is why they also take that into consideration and balance out the degree of help that you need to keep your dignity intact.
  • Understanding is the Key: Caregivers understand the importance of acknowledgement and comprehension. For some elderly clients, it becomes harder and harder for them to be able to express themselves. What they say can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and frustrations for both sides. A professional caregiver is trained to provide a high level of understanding towards their clients. If their clients are feeling under the weather, they are ready to adjust to their them.
  • Someone Who Listens: If you are to avail of home care in Los Angeles, CA or any other part of the state or country, one experience that you will benefit from is the chance of being heard. It may be very simple, but being able to have someone to talk to who will truly listen is a great morale booster. Those survival documentaries keep stressing out the importance of human contact to keep morale up and keep the mind healthy, the same concept applies to the home care. The purpose of every caregiver is not only to aid in physical activities but also to keep mental and emotional wellbeing healthy.

These are just some of what you can get when you avail of home care. You can rest assured that the experience you get is indeed for you. If you are looking for and are ready to avail of home care in Los Angeles, CA, we at A Better Choice Senior Care are here to provide you with what you need. We guarantee your safety and wellbeing as we are committed to providing you with a degree of care that cannot be seen anywhere else. For more information, you can call us at (818) 268-2734 or 844-530-8828. You can also send us an email through We are dedicated to maintaining your health and wellbeing.