5 Qualities of a Good Caregiver

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Caregivers nowadays can come a dime a dozen. Most people underrate the career choice just because they think it’s a menial job that’s not that important--that is, until they find themselves looking for one in the yellow pages. Caregiving is a practice. It is continuously improving because of the growing demands of society, thanks to technology. Most people can claim that they’re caregivers when they stand by their grandparents’ hospital beds and remind them to eat their food. While this may be true on some level, true caregiving is so much more than that. It demands a great deal of patience, compassion, knowledge and expertise from the caregiver. It’s not a desk job, its work that becomes part of your life. Essentially, a caregiver is a person who invests a large chunk of themselves in looking after another person.

To be a great caregiver, you’ll need to have a big heart and plenty of love to share—professionalism maintained, of course. What are some qualities of a great caregiver? Here are three things that can give you some idea of what it takes:

  • Well-informed. A caregiver goes the extra mile in knowing about a person, the conditions of that person, the setting and environment, and almost all the aspects there is to know about their given context. Personal care is not a blatant cure-all, it’s a highly personalized experience that varies from individual to individual, because each person has their own unique needs. A caregiver learns to adapt to this by having several knowledge banks handy, and efficiently researching for topics and other things that may be unknown to them.
  • Skilled and flexible. Caregivers can sometimes be the best home makers. Why? Because they’re required to know so much about operating a home. This includes cooking, to cleaning, to doing the laundry, to operating different appliances. It’s not uncommon to see caregivers also work as house help, because they’re clients sometimes don’t have the physical strength or mental capacity to do things a normal person could easily do. What’s more? It’s that these basic home duties and responsibilities often need to be tailored to the client’s needs. Caregivers will then be required to learn about a theme-specific food, or adapt to different kinds of socioeconomic positions the client may be living in.
  • Compassionate and patient. When a person interacts with another normal person, interaction is usually smooth-flowing and easy. When a person interacts with a person who has a disability, the two may hit some bumps in their communication. It is frustrating trying to maintain conversation with someone who has severe dementia or Alzheimer’s, imagine having to manage this on a daily basis stretched out to a long span of time. This is a caregiver’s usual work day, so you can only imagine the amount of understanding and patience that the person has to commit to everyday, day in day out.
  • Trustworthy. Let’s say a caregiver is giving full time senior home care in Santa Monica, and that elderly person they’re looking after can barely stand, much less chase after a thief. The caregiver has access to almost everything in the house, and they’re entrusted with that responsibility of making sure these things are handled well. A good caregiver watches over the person and the person’s things, and doesn’t steal or mishandle them.
  • Passionate. A person can have all these qualities and not be motivated by what they do. Eventually, they’ll burn out and have to quit. A very important trait a great caregiver has is that they love what they do and are committed in doing it. This way, motivation comes from within the person, and not in the next pay check or the coming weekend. When they love their job, it ceases to be work and becomes passion.

There you have it folks, a quick look-see into the qualities that a good caregiver embodies. You can rest assured that the team of caregivers here at ABC Senior Care has all these traits and more. We have a three point guarantee: that you get the satisfaction you want or your money back; that we have the lowest rates, and that you receive 150$ worth of free service. If you want great in-home care in Calabasas, CA, contact ABC Senior Care by calling (818) 268-2734 or visiting our website at www.abcseniorcare.net for more information.